Wednesday, 8 May 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Sir Alex Ferguson retires as Manchester United manager

With the speculation as to who will succeed
Fergie reaching fever pitch, a few thoughts.
Initially I thought it would be David Moyes
because of his commitment to developing
young players such as Ross Barkley and
Wayne Rooney.
But his lack of experience at the highest
level could count against him. Jose
Mourinho has a much stronger appeal in
terms of his ability to continue United's
culture of winning.
Having won the title in Portugal, England
(twice), Italy (where he lifted the Treble) and
Spain (where he dethroned Barcelona) his
credentials are second to none.
He would command instant respect (his
appointment would certainly calm the
nerves of the club's investors) and he is
perhaps the only manager who could
dominate the media agenda in quite the
same way as Sir Alex did.
Chelsea fans who thought they had
Mourinho "coming home" will be terrified of
losing him to United. He would be a second,
massive miss this season after Pep
Guardiola chose Bayern Munich.
But United do like to allow their managers,
leaving Mourinho as master of all he
Could that be decisive?
Could Jose have been using the Blues as a
smokescreen all along?

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